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  • How to care for a wig to make it tangle-free?

    When it comes to purchasing a human hair wig, one of the primary concerns we often have is how to keep it free from tangles. After all, we invest i...
  • Tips for Relaxed Hair

    No. 1: Be deep-conditioned. A lot of times, people feel like when they're going from relaxed to natural, they need to be deeply conditioned, even ...
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a wig?

    What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a wig?
  • 3 Invisible Obstacles to Hair Growth

    The first obstacle. Iron is so important because iron, or more specifically, hemoglobin is what carries oxygen through the sales in your body to h...
  • 7 Hair Knowledge For You

    A Top 5 Deep Conditioning Mistakes You’re Making And How To Fix Them   Here is a list of 5 common deep conditioning mistakes to avoid. And as you...
  • Why don’t most black women show their natural hair?

    We hope that people can have a diverse and free aesthetic.

    We hope that people respect individual differences.

    We hope that people can have healthy natural hair.

  • Glueless wig: Everything you need to know

    Glueless wigs are a type of wig that is easy to wear and remove, without the need for glue or other adhesives.

    Because people wear wigs to pursue a natural, secure, and comfortable look, a glueless wig that can make people feel comfortable and natural requires the following elements: it should have built-in combs for securing the wig, built-in adjustable straps or an elastic band, and come with lace.
  • Do you often sleep with a ponytail?

    • You probably have a bedtime routine that might include putting your hair up if it's long.
    • If you ignore them and continue sleeping with tight ponytails, you might wake up to see even more hairs on your pillow.
    • This extra strain on the spine might cause pain or numbness in different body parts.
    • Doctors believe that sleeping on your back or side is the best option.
    • The strain gets even worse when you do it in the darkness, which is a common thing right before dozing off for a lot of people.
    • Besides, water and warmth are all bacteria need to start blooming right on your pillow, which puts you at risk of a breakout.
  • Why do people want to wear a double drawn hair wig?

    What You Need to Know About Double Drawn Hair Wigs?   Double drawn hair wigs are in high demand for many reasons. One main reason is that people lo...
  • How to Get Emily in Paris Hair Even When Working Out

    Emily and Paris are always on the go, working out, and getting hated on by Europeans. But no matter what, her hair always looks amazing. Out of all...
  • Never go to bed with damp hair.

    What could be better than a hot bath after a long day? A hot, steamy bath doesn't just get you clean, it also washes away stress and fatigue, helpi...
  • How to choose the hair color that suits you best?

    How to choose the hair color that suits you best?

    Here is a test that will help you choose the right hair color for yourself.