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7 Hair Knowledge For You

Top 5 Deep Conditioning Mistakes Youre Making And How To Fix Them


Here is a list of 5 common deep conditioning mistakes to avoid.

And as you guys know, deep conditioning is a great way to nourish the hair, moisturize the hair, and protect the hair. So it's important to avoid certain mistakes so that you can get the most out of these treatments.

  1.  Not using enough products
  2. Not deep conditioning often
  3. Leaving deep conditioners for a long time
  4. Not rinsing the product out completely
  5. Not following up with a leave-in conditioner




Hot oil teas are a great way to fight dry hair. Our hair is naturally very lipophilic, meaning it is oil-loving. So doing this rinse as your final rinse on wash day is a great way to lock in moisture, soften your hair, and smooth the cuticles as well.

Once again, since our hair is oil-loving, when there is a lack of lipids, aka oil on the cuticle, it can lead to moisture loss. So I highly recommend doing this.


Should you comb your hair wet or dry?


You want moisture in your hair when you are combing it.

 Of course, the best time to comb it into a complete, completely detangled mess is on wash day because your hair is saturated and wet. Now, even though it's wet, it's still weaker.

 So you want to be very gentle when you're combing your hair on wash day. But when it's wet, it's just more pliable, and you can easily get the comb or the detangling brush through wet hair.


Why Your Hair Growth Product is NOT Working


Hair growth starts in the body, not on the head.

Like hair growth products, they help to support hair growth.

But if the root cause is something internal, and in this case, the hair growth product is only temporary. That's why people say, I used this hair growth product, and it worked, but it stopped. That's because it met an external deficiency on your scalp but not the internal root call.


Protein Treatment for Single Strand Knots


If you get into the habit of doing a protein treatment, I mean, not every wash day, a protein treatment at least once a month. You can do it once a month, every six weeks, or every two months.

 If you get into the habit of incorporating more protein treatments, then you are strengthening the outer layer of your hair. If strengthening the outer layer of your hair or the protein will catch up any types of tears in your hair or help to close that cuticle layer, then that's going to minimize the attachment of the hair. It's going to minimize your single-strand knot.


What Is the Difference Between Shedding and Breakage?


How do you know the difference between shedding and breaking? Well, first of all, hair sheds anywhere between 50 and 100 strands per day. That is normal.

So if you see shed hair on your bed or your brush, take a strand and look at the length of the strand. If the hair is about the same length as your natural hair and if you see a little white bulb at the end of the hair strand, then more than likely that is natural shedding, and that is normal.

But if the hair strain is significantly shorter, then your length of hair is shorter; more than likely, your hair is breaking, and you're going to need to do a little bit of TLC to maintain the health of your hair.


Is bleached hair breaking off?


You usually keep your hair blonde, but you've been noticing short pieces when you unwrap lately.

Since you bleached your hair, you've blasted open those cuticles. It's a highly caustic chemical. So anytime that you're lightning, even if it says it's not bleach, if it's got powder you're adding to it, it's been bleached.

If you're coloring over the same strand of hair over and over again, or if you're pulling it through every time the portion has been treated multiple times, you're getting abused multiple times. Abuse gets worse. Anytime you're coloring the hair, you want to make sure you're deep conditioning the hair with moisture and protein to put back what you took out.


I hope that you all enjoyed this sharing topic and found it helpful, and I'll share a new topic in my next one. Bye.

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