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How to Get Emily in Paris Hair Even When Working Out

Emily and Paris are always on the go, working out, and getting hated on by Europeans. But no matter what, her hair always looks amazing. Out of all those things, working out is what messes with your hair the most. So if I can get you to the point where you have amazing hair while working out, you basically have life-proof hair. So this is my Emily imperious routine for having amazing hair while working out and doing anything else that you have in your life. The only thing is that she has the benefit of having a professional hair and makeup team do it for her. And the director can always yell cut so they can stop shooting and retouch up her hair. You don't have that. And guess what, you really don't need it. It's actually not that far-fetched. So I'll show you. If Emily was a real person in real life without the professional hair makeup team, this is how she would do it.

And if you know a couple of secrets and tips, you can have healthier, better-looking hair in less time than you're spending right now.

 The first rule of busy hair and this is my favorite rule, is to work smart, not hard. Your hair does not want you to mess with it. If you mess with it too much, it's actually going to get angry at you. Your hair wants you to leave it alone until it's time to wash. And if you try and wash it early, it's gonna pitch a fit and dry out on you and take up way more time than it really should.

 So the entire goal here is to extend your style for as long as possible. What you're gonna do is strategically play in your washes around your workouts so your hair looks much better and much longer. Knowing that I'm going to give you the goal of going at least three days between washes. If you go longer than that, great, but at least three days, you may be freaked out. Like three days, I don't know if I can do that and that's okay. I'm gonna show you the exact strategy. You're done weighing it, we're gonna use a real strategy.

Now the starting point for this strategy is to get your hair as clean as possible. The cleaner is the longer it will stay clean. And to do that, you need to know shampoo Kung fu. You probably think washing is just washing and there's nothing to it. You learn it when you're 4 years old. Actually, there's a lot to it. There's a lot of tricks and secrets that will get it to stay clean for much longer. So I'm gonna give you a little bag of tricks here to help you out now.

 The first thing is you need a professional shampoo. You also need to use good technique, which means getting the shampoo on your scalp, not on your hair. It's really easy to put the shampoo on your hair and swirl it around on the outside, but the oil is actually on your scalp. So put the shampoo on your scalp and work it into your scalp. If you get the scalp clean, I promise you the hair will automatically be clean. But if you do it the other way around and get your hair clean, it doesn't necessarily mean that your scalp is going to be clean. So start with the scalp, worry about the scalp. Everything else will follow from that.

 And most people need to wash their hair twice. If you haven't tried that out, you definitely should. It'll make your hair stay clean much longer. And the last thing you need to do is get rid of any heavy products that you're using. What does that have to do with keeping your head clean? Great question. Most people don't realize that just one heavy product will take them from washing every 3,4,5 days to having to wash every day. Heavy products weigh down your hair and make it feel gross. Alright, so let's get into what you're actually going to do. And none of this is skill or technique-based. You don't need to be great at here to do this. This is just a strategy that I'm gonna take and just give to you and you're gonna run with it super easy the first and most important part of the strategy is we're no longer winging it we're not just gonna wash our hair whenever we want and we're not just gonna work out whenever we want we're gonna do it with purpose because we have a strategy what we're gonna do is combine our washing routine with our workout routine these things are not separate anymore these things are together and we do them together purposely because timing is everything you might have expected this video to be like 7 hair tips for the gym or something like that and I have those coming but what we really want to do is take a step back here, get the right strategy because if you do that, you can get so much more done and much less time and that's where the real value is.

The first concept is that all workouts are not the same. Sure they can be if you want to do them like that, but I'm gonna show you a couple of cool reasons to switch things up before we get into this. I'm not trying to be your personal trainer, I'm not trying to tell you what to do with your workouts. That part of my life is totally done but for purely hair reasons, I really recommend that you have three different types of days.

 The first type of day is an off day. On these days, you're not working out. You're just resting. Let your body repair itself so you can see the results of your hard work. On rest days, you really shouldn't be sweating that much. You're not working out, you're not going to the gym. You're taking it easy, focusing on other parts of your life.

 The next type of day is a cardio day. It doesn't have to be all cardio, but the idea of this day is just to do everything that makes you sweat really bad on this day.

 The third and final type of day is a weight training day. It doesn't have to be all weights, but the idea is to have a day where you're not running around sweating your family off. So those are the three types of days. You have rest days where you're not sweating. You have cardio days where you're sweating a ton. Oh and then you have weight training days where you're sweating a little bit. And remember, like I said, cardio days don't have to be all cardio and weight training days don't have to be all weight training. The idea is just to get it. So one day you're sweating a lot and one day you're working out without sweating a time. So we have our days and now it's time to get into the strategy. Our job is to pick those days and put them in the correct order so they line up perfectly with the right days we wash. In other words, if you just wash your hair, the last thing you wanna do is have a cardio day where you sweat all over that fresh hair. We'll go through the correct order in just a second. But keep in mind, our goal is to go at least three days without washing. You probably won't be able to go 4,5,6, whatever for right now in the beginning, let's just shoot for three. So let's pretend that right now as you're washing this, your hair is dirty and that you're gonna wash it tonight because your hair is already dirty.

Today is going to be a cardio day so you're gonna work out and sweat as much as you want without even worrying about it. You're gonna wash your hair and style it however you would like and then you can go on a date because you're in Paris or whatever you want and we're not even worrying about dry shampoo or anything like that here cuz your hair is still nice and fresh. So you wake up the next day with fresh clean hair, you go to work feeling amazing and all your coworkers are super mean to you, but you don't really care cuz you're gonna prove him wrong in a couple of episodes and this is going to be your rest day. You always want to do a rest day right after you wash your hair so you don't ruin it. The worst thing you could possibly do right now is to work out in your fresh clean hair. It's just gonna ruin it. I hate this phrase, but it's honestly hustling backward if I say let's just end it. If you work out on fresh clean hair, you're really off to the worst start possible, number one, because you're gonna mess it all up. But No. 2, you're probably gonna have to put one of your rest days on days that your hair is dirty and that's just a complete waste. You wasted your rest day.

 Rest days are super valuable because they don't mess up your hair. So take the day off, go look at the city or whatever plot-advancing stuff you like to do in your story. But whatever you do, do not get sweaty on rest days. Alright, so moving on to Day 3 here. But first, let's do a quick recap. On the first day we did a cardio day. We came home, we washed and styled it, got fresh hair. Day 2 was a rest day where we basically just enjoyed having nice fresh, clean hair.

 Day 3 is now going to be a weight training day. Remember, it doesn't have to be all weight training.

 We're just gonna do a workout that doesn't make us sweat like crazy.  The real enemy when you're working out is sweat. And sweat mostly just affects your roots. If it's doing the whole thing and it's dripping down your ends, I can't really help you. So it should really only be at your roots. The first thing you're gonna do to protect your hair from sweat is to put it back in a ponytail. And I don't mean just like grab it up in the back. I mean, the entire thing is straight back. So your part is gone. Your part should be completely hidden, everything straight back. The reason you want to do that is to protect your part line. If your part gets messed up, if the roots get messed up there, it's extremely visible. Everyone's gonna see it, and it kind of throws off your entire look. And speaking of roots that you can see really easily, you need to protect your hairline. The best thing can do is use a thick headband so it'll absorb it. Use rubber dip, it will keep hair in place so it doesn't move around. That way your hair is protected and it's absorbing the sweat in the right places the whole time.

 After your workout, you're gonna use a towel to get any extra sweat that you can, and then you're gonna go home and take a shower. But before you get in the shower, you first want to use a dry shampoo and then you're gonna put on a shower cap. That's right, a shower cap.

Most people don't realize how much damage a shower does to your style. That sweat is terrible for your style, but all the moisture, all the humidity, all the splashing off your shoulders, water is finding its way into your hair, making it feel gross and dirty. So you have to wash it way before you should. You probably don't realize it, but even a cold shower will increase the humidity by a massive amount. So imagine steam and a hot shower. You're basically doing more damage to your hair in the shower than the sweat did at the gym. So please promise me you'll wear a shower cap. It'll make a massive difference. Even though it's just water and humidity, I promise you it will mess up your hair. You'll have to wash it much earlier. And if you're really an overachiever, I recommend a makeup headband. This is gonna go right on your hairline to protect your little guys. And when you're washing your face, it's gonna make sure you don't get any into your hair.

One quick note about the shower caps is you don't want just any shower caps. The shower cap needs to have a Terry cloth lining. It's like a felt on the inside. You don't want one of the shower caps that's plastic on both sides. It won't do anything. You need to have the Terry cloth lining. It's like $10 on Amazon, so it's not expensive. I really recommend it.

 I said that we're gonna try to go three days between washes and that's exactly what we did here. We went over an entire routine with what you're gonna work out and how you're gonna treat your hair on each of those three days. After this three-day routine, you're just gonna repeat the cycle. So the next day will be a cardio day where you work out and sweat as much as you want. And there's something that I really want you to keep in mind. Every time you go through the cycle, you're gonna get better and better.

 I promise you're gonna be a pro on the third, fourth, or fifth time. This is actually a skill just like anything else. If you get this down, your life is gonna be so much better. Your hair will look better while you're putting so much less time into it. When you look on the outside the way you feel on the inside, you're comfortable in your own skin.


I hope that you all enjoyed this sharing topic and found it helpful, and I'll share a new topic in my next one. Bye.

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