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What is The Best Grade of Virgin Hair?

What is the best hair? Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian or other types of hair? There is not an exact answer for this question. Every one thinks that Brazilian virgin hair is the best, but I do not think so, each hair type has their own advantages, you can not say which one is the best, you need to find the hair type that can perfectly fit your own hair. Well, if you can not determine which hair is the best just by words "Brazilian", "Peruvian", "Indian", then how to know which type is the best? Some people will say that the best hair has the highest grade, they must be 12A, 18A or even 20A. Yes, you can see hair products on many websites are marked with 12A or even 20A, they claime that their hair is the best in the market and sell at low prices, do you trust them? Whatever, I don't. No matter how high they claim their hair, the truth can not be changed that they are selling poor quality hair, or not even virgin hair, because the prices are so cheap. You can not see their hair is the best just judging by the number. So, does the best grade of virgin hair really exist? I must say yes. However, only few companies are selling the best virgin hair, because such type of hair needs to pass many strict tests, including coloring, bleaching, styling, etc. The best grade of virgin hair from ROSSPRETTY HAIR can be dyed, bleached and styled as you want. About dying, you can choose the #613 blonde hair from ROSSPRETTY HAIR, it can be dyed to any color, and the dyed color can retain for a long time, like the video review shown below. About bleaching, if the hair can not be bleached, it must not be real virgin hair, but the virgin hair from ROSSPRETTY HAIR can not only be bleached, but the hair can also be very silky and soft after being bleached, without no matting, shedding and tangling, this is very important, because the hair from a lot of suppliers becomes tangled and matting after being bleached. Please check the photo below, it is a hair bleaching test from ROSSPRETTY HAIR.

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