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The Curly Girl Method of hair care for fuller, frizz-free curls

For nearly a decade the Curly Girl Method by hairstylist Lorraine Massey has changed the way women have cared for their natural curls and waves.

In 2011, Massey, who also owned Devachan salons at the time released a book with Michele Bender called Curly Hair.In it, she describes the Curly Girl Method, a hair care and styling routine that has not only proven to be successful (just check out all the social media clubs and posts dedicated to it) but one that will likely continue to evolve and gather even more believers. 

What is the Curly Girl Method?

This hair care routine is all about taking claim of your natural curls and undoing damage from mainstream methods that actually hurt the natural texture of Curly Hair. The Curly Girl Method ditches the products and processes that are weighed down in chemicals and harmful routines that actually damage, dry out and flatten curls and introduces a process that allows your hair to fall into its natural curl pattern. When all steps are followed and the right products are used, the Curly Girl Method has proven to make curls fuller and more defined.

The Curly Girl Method: Do's and Don'ts

While the original steps and products work well, you can still make this routine your own and find the process and products that work best for your curls. There are several online communities on social media dedicated to the Curly Girl Method and thousands of before and after photos can be found on Instagram with #CurlyGirlMethod that will definitely inspire curly and wavy hair girls to give this hair care routine a try.


We are big fans of using the right shampoos for your hairstyles. We’re also big proponents of reading ingredients on hair products carefully and it’s a non-negotiable with the Curly Girl Method. Many shampoos contain sulfates that are drying and harsh. A bad sulphate to avoid is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), there are others however that are less harsh and irritating such as Sodium Lareth Sulfate (SLeS) and using these shampoos can help for curly girls who need more cleansing if they have oily or greasy hair. Other gentle cleansing shampoos or “low-poos” can also include gentle cleansing ingredients such as cocamidopropyl betaine and decyl polyglucose which help to cleanse gently without stripping the hair.


Instead of bristles and teeth that pull, break and weaken hair, the Curly Girl Method says to ditch harmful combs and brushes and use your fingers instead. With your fingers you can get an exact feel for knots and control how you work your way through your hair. Using your fingers also helps in massaging the scalp to help follicle stimulation and you’re also working in moisture into your locks—especially when applying approved Curly Girl Method products like conditioner.


These cause build-up and can weigh hair, especially curly hair, down. Non water-soluble products are also harder to wash out, for those who want tight, full curls, these products are a no-no and are not recommended for curly or wavy hair.


These products should be avoided for all hair types actually. These ingredients strip the hair of natural oils, can cause irritation depending on the make up of the products and fragrance, and can also dry out the hair. While it’s easy to be lured by alluring smells or perhaps go-products you’ve always used without looking at its ingredients list, it’s best to chuck these products from your hair care routine to maintain the healthiest curls.


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