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The Curly Girl Method for hair washing


When cleansing, use your fingertips and not your nails to work your conditioner or co-wash in.  This can be done 1-2 times a week depending on your  curly types.Those with wavy hair have the option to use shampoo once a week if needed, those with curly hair should use conditioner and water once a week. For girls with coily hair, wet hair as needed in between co-wash days that work for your hair.


Apply conditioner and coat the hair with conditioner, a wide tooth gentle comb can help spread the product if used sparingly, but as always, fingers are better. For wavy hair, be sure to condition before and after shampoo and rinse out conditioner after about a minute. For curly girls, rinse or leave in conditioner depending on how dry your hair is or how much moisture you need. For coily hair, allow conditioner to sit and wrap the hair. When safely wrapped (not too tight) low-setting heat can be used to seal conditioner in. Rinse thoroughly to avoid build-up.


It’s time to put those harsh blow-dryers down and pick up a microfiber towel. Instead of blasting your curls with heat, simply bend forward allowing curls to fall over (if they’re long enough) and if not, simply cup your curls in your towel and begin to gently scrunch your gel from the ends towards the scalp. Do so in sections, starting at the nape of your neck and working up scrunching your top layer last. You can use a hair clip to keep sections apart.

For wavy hair, you can pin curls to help them stay or use some extra scrunching. For curly hair, fluff hair from underneath for more volume and avoid scrunching or fluffing the top to avoid fizziness. For coily hair, wash and go! This texture is so naturally held well, it can be styled as you please after a wash.

Must have Curly Girl Method Products


A cleansing conditioner is your BFF on the Curly Girl Method. Finding a conditioner or co-wash to cleanse and condition/moisturize helps to keep hair clean without harshly stripping it. 

Go-to co-wash and cleansing conditioner products:

  • A go-to co-wash that also smells delicious: 
  • A cleansing conditioner we can count on: 
  • Sulfate-free safe shampoo that is also Curly Girl-approved: 

Use products that are rich in emollients such as shea butter, olive oil and also rich in proteins such as wheat, wheat germ or soy. Emollients help to moisturize and strengthen hair while proteins help to restore hair follicles and prevent breakage. 

Moisturizing products with amino acids and aloe vera are also great especially for certain kinky or coily hair types that are naturally on the dryer side.


  • With organic ingredients, you can use this everyday: 
  • For softer, shinier and moisturized hair: 
  • More moisture, better curls: 

Styling gels with PVP or PVP/VA give your curls bounce and more lift.  PVP is a water-soluble polymer and is used in a ton of products as a binder or fixative helping to keep hair in place without being stiff or as many girls with curly hair will know – crunchy as some products do. 


  • Sounds just as good as it works: 
  • Natural and delicious for your hair:
  • Shea, coconut and hibiscus come together for the ultimate styler:

    What every hair type can learn from the Curly Girl Method

    The Curly Girl Method was made for girls with wavy to curly and coily hair, but the foundations of this hair care routine can be applied to other hair types as well. In particular, the focus on sulfate and alcohol-free shampoos and products. The emphasis on moisturizing is also big thing to keep hair healthy for all hair types. Whether though hair oils, masks or other protective and restorative hair products and methods, giving your hair an extra moisture boost helps to strengthen hair and even improve shine.  


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