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Test Your Hair Exentions Quality Before Installation

How To Know Your Hair Exentions Quality Before Installation?

The quality of the hair is uneven, and every supplier is selling melons, boast!
They all say they have the best quality. They all say they have raw hair.In order to sell hair, in order to make a profit, no fault!
But this has brought a lot of trouble to our customers, disrupting our real customers looking for good quality hair.

Here are some simple and quick ways to tell the quality of a wig by the naked eye:

1. Take the hair you receive and look at it in the sun, be sure to look at it in direct sunlight, if it’s good quality,raw hair,raw virgin hair is a very pure natural black, and with a very beautiful shine!If it’s another mass of hair, then you’ll see a lot of red hair, or white hair, or other colors, lots of it!So this must not be raw hair & Raw Virgin hair.

2. Use your hands to hold your hair and shake it.It’s great if it’s good quality hair, because every strand of good quality hair has these nice, heavy cuticle on it, so when you lift your hair up and let it down, it feels like a waterfall.

However, hair of other masses will be lighter,and you can not feel the feelling for fall like the waterfall.

Of course, this method takes experience, and if you have a raw hair contrast with a remy hair, you’ll notice the difference!

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