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How to make a durable wig ?

How to make a durable wig ?

For those who love beauty, wigs may be just a tool for changing hairstyles, and they are not worn often. For those who lose hair, a wig is indeed a must to cover the scalp and eliminate embarrassment. So the longevity of the wig is very important to them, after all, re-selecting a wig also needs to be considered. So how to extend the service life of the wig becomes particularly important. So how to extend the service life of wigs? Let's take a look at the aspects that need to be paid attention to to extend the service life of the wig.

1. Don't rub when use shampoo : When shampooing, you must first rub the shampoo into foam in the palm of your hand, and then evenly spread it on the hair, gently rubbing it from top to bottom. Never bend over to wash your hair.

2. Conditioner should be used for hair extensions: Because the hair is connected to real hair, using a proper amount of conditioner will make the hair smoother and less tangled.

3. Use a dry towel to absorb the moisture first, and then comb it in two stages: just wrap and press the wet hair gently with a dry towel. It is best to prepare a large-toothed comb, do not comb it to the end, it is best to use the other hand to grasp the joint.

4. Wigs need regular care: Wigs bought from professional wig shops can be sent back regularly to be cleaned with professional cleaning agents. If you buy it from a small store, you can use a moisturizing shampoo. Soak the hair piece in cold water for a few minutes, change the water again and add 2 drops of shampoo, stir well by hand, and the bubbles will be fine, and finally put it in a ventilated place to dry naturally.

5. Keep hair spray on hand: One of the uncomfortable hair extensions is that you can’t comb your hair arbitrarily, especially after being messed up by the wind. It is much more convenient to have a hair smoothing spray in your hand, just use your fingers to unclog it.

A good wig, but without good care and maintenance, its service life may not be as good as a well-maintained ordinary wig. Therefore, the maintenance of the wig is very important for the wig, so learn how to extend it The service life of the wig is the key to maintaining the wig.

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