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How to maintain a Virgin Human Hair wig ?

The size of the wig made of real human hair is very suitable, so don't pull the wig with brute force during the wearing process, just find the correct position.

When wearing wigs, we should also cherish our wigs. One is not to expose to the sun or be exposed to acid rain; the other is to use a comb with a sparse gap to comb the wigs, and pay less attention to spraying on the wigs. Styling agents such as gel water and hair wax.

The maintenance and washing methods of wigs made of real human hair are very simple, just like washing our own hair.

1. The first step of washing is to soak the hair strands with warm water. This process only takes a few minutes. In the washing process, you can add a soft shampoo for washing, and then gently grab the hair with your hands. The silk is fine, don't twist it with your hands, too much force will cause the wig to fall off.

2. After cleaning, you can use some hair care products to maintain the wig. After all, no matter how real the wig is, it will not be able to draw nourishment from the body like real hair, so you have to go to the store for special maintenance every once in a while.

3. Storing the wig randomly will cause the wig to be damp or bitten by insects, which will damage the hair quality. Therefore, if you don't use it for a period of time, learn to store it properly.

4. After thoroughly washing the wig, dry it in a cool place and store it in a dry and ventilated place. This can prolong the life of the wig, and the wig should not be folded up, which will cause creases in the hair.

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