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We noticed that there is a fake company madly stolen Page, Posts, even website from us or other hair brands, and They sell fake hair(synthetic hair, not human hair) at a very low price( for example $19.9). They have a lot of FB pages and websites with a different name, so they are not afraid of one of page & website being complained or closed down. 

How to Identify Fake Hair Advertisement?

Method 1: The Price!

They sell the human hair at $19.9. $19.9? Human Hair? Are you kidding?? As a human hair user, you need to know that, real human hair never has a so low price, impossible! And hair raw materials cannot be obtained at this low price. 
If you saw a very low price (lower than $60), that is definitely fake!

They sell the synthetic hair as "human hair" at a low price. Their purpose is to quickly sell a large number of goods and defraud a lot of money from you!

Method 2: Comments & Reply!

Real Hair Page & Post:
There are so many real reviews about the hair&experience on real hair post/page. And the page servicer can reply most of the questions seriously.

Fake Hair Post/Page:
There aren't any good reviews, only scam complaints.

Method 3: Logo Watermark!

The fake pages stole videos/ pics from us or other hair brands. They covered the original logo and added their logo on it. So the fake post has a blurred logo background.

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Let more sisters know how to identify these Fake Hair & Ads!
Do not waste money on fake hair!

If you see these fake hair post/ads, please Report and Debunked!
If you ordered the fake hair, please call your bank to take your money back!

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