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How to fix damaged hair

The first step in knowing how to fix damaged hair is knowing the root of the damage.


From coloring, to split ends, UV damage to over styling, damaged hair is caused by both our own actions and external environmental factors. Damaged hair repair also comes in a variety of treatments and products, but before adding to cart on the best-reviewed hair products, make sure you understand what your hair needs.


It is important to note that hair is technically already dead. The hair follicle is the only “living” portion of the hair. Hair that has grown out contains no biochemical activity which is science speak to say that it is considered “dead”. The root of each strand of hair is where the living cells are that produce the hair shaft and the hair we visibly see. This is why fully repairing damaged hair is so difficult – but not impossible.


The best damaged hair repair is building healthy hair habits, helping to prevent further problems. We’ve rounded up the five most common causes of damaged hair and how to fix them.


How to fix damaged hair from an unbalanced diet

A balanced diet isn’t just good for your hair, it’s just plain good for you. Specific ingredients, however, such as protein omega-3, and biotin are all essential for long, thick, healthy hair. Think whole foods, fruits and veggies, and whole grains. Not only do these provide you with great hair, but skin, digestion and heart health also. Protein is essential for luscious hair, as well as iron, Vitamin A, and C. Daily supplements can help provide you with what your diet may be missing, but be sure to check with your doctor first.


As for those supplements that promise long, luscious hair specifically, be sure to carefully read the labels and ask your health professional.

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