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7 Hacks for Your Natural Hair

I'm going to share 7 healthy hair hacks.


No. 1: Use the healthiest way to do your hair blowout.


  • Will you get a protein treatment after your hair blowout? Okay, if you don't, you should. But this year, I challenge you to get your protein treatment before your blowout. If you're going to straighten your hair this year, then I encourage you to do a protein treatment prior to the heat styling. That protein treatment is going to reinforce the hair strands, making them strong so that the heat doesn't damage the hair or come out of the blowout. Your hair strands will be just as healthy coming out of the blowout as it is going into the blowout. So I encourage you to get your protein treatment before your blowout, and you can get it when you come out of your blowout.


No. 2: If you want to elongate your hair a little bit before twisting it to get a longer twist out, then let your hair dry a little bit before using that handheld dryer. That means less heat and less potential for damage.


No. 3: Use conditioner for your natural hair regularly. Take your favorite wrist conditioner and put it in a spray bottle.


No. 4: If you need a quick and easy hairstyle, I encourage you to try using Moose most dry


  • If you are in a rush and you want to style your hair very quickly and you don't have time to sit under the dryer for an hour or two hours, or for some of us, it might be three or four hours. If you need a quick and easy hairstyle, I encourage you to try using Moose Most Dry.
  • So quickly under the dryer, if you want to do your washing, go used and move, or if you want to do a twist-out, use, and move using mousse, you will be amazed at how quickly it dries and the outcome of your hair will be full and fluffy with the loose. Try using mousse as a styler if you need a quick and easy hairstyle that dries quickly.


 No. 5: Use an apple cider vinegar rich or hydrosol to clarify your scalp to remove the sweat.


  • If you exercise a lot and sweat, you have to get that sweat out of your scalp. Sweat left on your scalp will lead to dryness in an itchy scalp because sweat essentially is just water salt and urea. But that water in your sweat will evaporate and when it evaporates, guess what's left thought salt dries your hair out, dries your scalp out, and could eventually lead to breakage.
  • Use an ACV rinse or a hydrosalted to clarify your scalp if you have a lot of sweat.


No. 6: Make sure you do not comb your flakes to lift them up.


  • Wet your hair down, use a shampoo, use your fingers to massage the flakes up, or use a Scout brush, to lift them up. That is going to make sure your scalp stays healthy. So that Healthy hair grows out of a healthy scalp.
  • And since we're talking about the scalp, for those of you who have a flaky scalp, let me tell you what not to do. Don't take a cone and do this. Lift up those flakes with the comb. Oh, don't do that. You may be damaging your hair follicle. Instead of doing it that way, wet your entire scalp first. When you wet your scalp, you are gonna loosen up those flakes, first of all. And when you loosen up the flakes, then you can apply what up? Whatever shampoo you apply, massage it in and gently lift up the flakes. Or you can take a scout brush like this one. You can take a Scout brush and gently lift up the flakes that way. That way you're not damaging your hair follicles when you have a flaky scalp.


No. 7: Make sure you pre-wet your hair before jumping into a pool or getting into salty water.


  • I want you to pre-wet your hair with tap water and let me show you why. When you wet your hair, the inside of your hair will get full of water. If you jump in a pool and if your hair strain is already wet, it's better fit to be full of tap water than it is for it to be full of chlorine water. When it's full of chlorine water, then that is what weakens your hair over time.

I hope that you all enjoyed this sharing topic and found it helpful, and I'll share a new topic in my next one. Bye.

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