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5 steps beauty routine to help you look alive in the morning

For many, the “I woke up like this” glow happens a few steps after actually waking up. Let’s be honest; the morning can come with puffiness and dark circles  and that’s okay. Life’s like that sometimes, but that doesn’t mean your skin needs to suffer. Everyone wants that flawless glow to look and feel refreshed in the morning, and that's where the right skincare routine comes in.

As we get older our, morning skincare routine becomes that much more important. Cautiously selecting the products we use can help preserve and protect our skin— and more often than not—it’s these products that have us looking refreshed in the morning and ready to take on the day


Cleansing is a great way to get rid of any oil-based products you used the night before. Oil based products often bring bacteria to the surface of your skin, and a cleanser will help to get rid of this so you can have a clean canvas for your new day. 

Cleansers remove dead skin cells, skin pollutants, oil and dirt to revive your skin, clear your pores, and prevent skin irritations like dryness, itchiness and acne breakouts. 


“This is a light and dry oil that is infused with rosehip, bog myrtle, sea buckthorn and rosemary, all of which helps with hydration and skin elasticity. It also helps refine your pores and protects against environmental stressors. I feel like this oil is what really gives me that glowy, dewy look!” 

Facial oils (which can actually be used on any part of your body) are often composed of synthetic oils, fragrant plant oils, or non-fragrant plant oils. The latter is the best for your skin and will leave you with the best results.

Using facial oils comes with a whole slew of benefits not limited to reducing wrinkles, priming your skin, shrinking pores, calming rashes, getting rid of zits, and more.


Applying an antioxidant rich serum is a great way to hydrate your skin first thing in the morning. It creates a moisturized canvas to apply any additional products and helps to keep your skin hydrated to prevent it from becoming dry or irritated.

The nice thing is that serum is that, although it is pricey, a little bit goes a long way. You only need a few drops each use to do the trick. 


We can't forget to brighten up those eyes! After all, the skin around our eyes is the most sensitive skin on our body and is the skin that ends up getting the most wear. 

Because the skin around our eyes is thin with a lot of tiny muscles, it is far more prone to wrinkles, fine line, dark bags, puffiness, and all those other great things we often wake up with after a busy week.

This is why eye care products like eye cream are so important. Eye cream can also act as a great makeup primerbut more on that step later.


Especially as the temperatures drop and your skin is exposed to cooler air, it is essential to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated to prevent it from dryness and irritation.All this considered, moisturizing is good for so much more than just nourishing your skin. It protects your skin from fine lines, dullness and flakiness. If you are acne prone, moisturizing can also help to reduce flare ups. According to, not moisturizing your skin can actually result in worse breakouts and cause itchiness and irritation.

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