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When sleep,don't need protect the human hair? Yes or No?

Look below, Ross Pretty Hair let you know now...

What to do with your hair at night is just as important as what to do with it in the morning. While relaxed we really didn’t worry much about it other than making sure to not ruin the style but as we learn more about how to care for it we find the importance of everything we do! Night hair tips are important and should be taken seriously.

The key points are pounded into our heads- cleanse, deep condition, moisturize, do protective styles, and etc. but when it comes down to our nighttime routine, we’re given general tips, some that aren’t really universal.

Caring for your hair as you sleep is just as important as caring for it when you’re awake, and even more-so because what you do before bed can be the difference between your curls being on point and being a big matted mess in the morning. Whether you’re rocking a TWA or waist-length Locs, it is important to protect your hair as you sleep in order to retain moisture and preserve your hair style.

Human hair need water sometimes,if it is feeling a bit dry, you’ll want to remoisturize the hair before bed. Spritz your hair with a little bit of water or leave-in and seal with a light oil. If you’re rocking a twist/braidout, you can retwist/braid the hair after sealing in order to lock that moisture in and decrease the chance of your hair frizzing.

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