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What Should I Pay Attention to When Dying Human Hair Wigs ?

Many consumers are not familiar with perm dyeing of real human hair wigs, because improper perm dying leads to damage to the hair. How to avoid damaging the hair when dying and perming real human hair and wigs? Let me share with you the precautions for perm dyeing of human hair wigs.

1. Wash the wig and wipe dry with water (hair must be wet).
2. What kind of curvature needs to be ironed, and choose the right core curl.
3. After curling, apply Perm Water No. 1 evenly on the curled hair.
4. Pack it in a non-ventilated plastic bag (note: not breathable).
5. Heat for 20-30 minutes at a temperature of about 70-80 degrees, take it out and open it until the curvature is right, then open the bag, separate the cores after natural cooling, and wash with shampoo.
6. Then soak in hair care products for about 10 minutes (such as conditioner).
7. Get the effect you need.

Note: The above operating water must be pure water (warm water, if the water contains bleach will affect the effect)


1. Reduce the trouble of your second dying and ironing. Before buying, determine the style and color you want to order.

2. Frequency of dying: It is recommended to re-stain after an interval of 1-2 months after the last dying.

3. Perm and dying can't be done at the same time: For perm on real human hair, you need to develop the hair scales of the developed silk, and the internal structure of the developed silk can make straight hair become curly hair. To dye your hair, you also need to open the cuticles, put in the color, and then tighten the cuticles. At the same time, it will damage the hair if it is dyed.

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