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The Wig and Extensions New Trend in 2022

       Do you have anything to look forward to in 2022? For wig lovers, I think it is the dazzling wigs and popular styles of the new year. The following are trend predictions and sharing based on Google search and Rosspretty's hot-selling wigs styles in 2021.

Trend 1: Clip-in Human Hair Extensions

       I think the reason why clip-in hair extensions will be the new trend is because easy install and affordable price. You can restyle it according to your natural hair, so it’s flexible. What’s more, clip-in hair extensions is easy to install and wear at home by self, you don’t need spend amount of fee in salon and sit all day for installation. And most importantly, the price of clip-in hair is more cheaper than a lace wig, and you can get almost same hair effect than wig. So I believe clip-in hair extensions would be the new trend in the new year.


Trend 2: Wonderful Headband Wigs 
       Headband wig as a old school wig style also very popular in wig lover, they like wear it in summer days and when they do sports like jogging or swimming. It’s a high-cost effective wig type, also easy to wear and take off, the price also friendly and affordable for most of wig wearers. The formerly monotonous headband wig has more changes and design through abundant headbands and head decorations now. I believe it will continue the popularity and will still be a fashion trend in 2022, and will create more innovative and funny designs.


Trend 3: The All Kinds of Ponytails

        As we know ponytails have been for very long time as a classic hair style, we generally see drawstring and stick wrap types ponytails which also is Rosspretty’s one of hot selling hairs in 2021, they are favoured by people, especially in hot summer days. Ponytails even easier and more convenient than clip-in hair, whether drawstring type and stick wrap type, both of them are very easy to install, the price also favourable, that’s why people love it, bundle your hair in summer days can make you feel cool and breathable, one of best choice during summer.

Trend 4: Mainstream Lace Wigs 

        The all kinds of lace wigs are the mainstream and big consume in the wig market, now transparent lace and HD lace become most hot sale lace types from last year, Rosspretty’s year sale also confirm it, more and more customers ask HD lace wig and transparent lace wig, because they can fit all skin and do natural hairline, you can do more styles and HD lace also easy to do glueless wig which is benefit to the skin. Thus there is no doubt the lace wigs will still be the most of wig wearer’s choice in 2022.


Trend 5: The Classic Middle Part Wigs

        Actually the middle part hair style is most common style in the street, because it can greatly complement face shape and hair types. Rosspretty has a T lace wig that is specifically for the middle part, good price and high quality, long hair do middle part will be more stunning, so the classic will be continue be the next trend.  


Trend 6: The Varied Bob Wigs

       The bob wig actually has varied styles and easy to care about it, always feels cool and slay, it also a classic and popular style in the world. So it’s a style that never out of fashion, as wig lovers, their cabinet always has a bob wig collected. There are many different color and designs of bob wigs for options, so the bob wig will also win a place in the 2022 wig popular trend.


        Will you be trying out any of above trend wigs and extensions? Which type you like and for your first choice this year? Rosspretty hair as a comprehensive hair vendor can provide and also customize any wigs for you, welcome to contact us for more details.


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