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The best glueless wig: 2x6 Closure Wig.

What is a 2x6 closure wig?

What is a 2x6 closure wig? How does it fit? I'm gonna answer your question today and tell you the pros and cons of you wearing a 2x6 closure. Let's get started.

What is a 2 by 6 closure?

The parting goes all the way back 6 inches. So that's why they call it 2x6 closure. Simply because it is 2 inches width and then the length is 6 inches all the way back. It is sealed like a double sealed around the edges. This is key because it holds your lace intact, which will stop the shedding and also is good for when you are weaving your hair because too bad disclosure, can also be worn, weaved onto your hair or it could be worn, made into a wig. So you can wear it both ways. And it looks nice both ways. To save time, lots of ladies always wear wigs.

A 2x6 closure is made specifically for one parting style, which is the center parting. Now, which is a pro, but the cons of that is if you wanted to move the part into a freestyle for you to party anywhere. You can't really do that because the purpose of it is for a center part in. So you couldn't realistically try to move it unless you have to move your wig to the side. If you love playing with bikes so if you have to move it to the side slightly, this is how you would love. I don't think it looks too bad.

This is the beauty of wearing a 2x6 closure wig, especially a glueless wig because you can move it anyway you want, you could take it off, you don't have to worry about the stress of all the glue and all the tape all around your edges. I love it. So I'm gonna tip my part in line just to make it a bit more visible. As you can see here, I have done a tutorial on how you can tint your part in life two ways.

For a 2x6 closure wig, I did not want a straight line going all the way back. I've got so many wigs that have a center part in, so I kind of wanted it to be a bit slanted. So that was why I made the wig to be a little bit slanted this way. Can you see? So it's straight here and it's got a little curve going into the actual back area. But most of our clients, they do have it going all the way back, which is, they call it the Kim K closure or the Kim Kardashian hair parting is just a nice long center part in, and it gives you the ability to have your center part to be really slick back. So it's up to you what your preference is, whether you like it to be going all the way back straight or you want it to be slightly, a little bit curved so it gives it a different fill.

Let me know if you like the 2 by 6 closure. What do you think about it? Do you think is a game changer? Is it something that you wanna use or is it something that you're using already? Let me know. I'd love to hear from you.

I answer all comments personally. I will heart your comments to show you that I have seen it. For the prices of these wigs, they're very affordable. They would last you well. Our wigs, I don't know about other people's wigs, but ours would last you about two years. Plus with the 2 by 6 closure is a lot easier for you to maintain because it's less maintenance. I mean, really, you don't really have much to do with it, do you? You just lay it flat and that's it. You're good to go.


Where to shop the 2x6 closure wig?

You can also purchase your own 2x6 closure wig directly on our website. Here is the link: https://rossprettyhair.com/collections/2x6-lace-closure-wig

I feel this style looks better in a box. So I would I would mainly wear it in a pop style, whether is this pop, which is a 14 inches cut to style or a much shorter buff, which is, which would be over here and that would be from a 12 inches cut into style. Either bobs is nice, but I just feel that a style like this that you can't do too much with the parted. It looks much nicer if it's cut into a buff style. Or I made a video for you showing you how to cut your own blunt cup buff.

The question you must be asking, is this better than a 4 times foreclosure? Well, it might seem a bit like a cop out, but I kind of like both. The reason why I like both is simply because with this wig is like what I mentioned earlier, is very easy for you to use. You don't do much to it at all, especially if you do have it in a Bob cell. So it's low maintenance. You just wear it and go.

Now, with the four times foreclosure, you've got the options for you to part it more or less anywhere you want within the 4 inches space. So that is a huge pro as well. So it depends on whether you want a wig that you can just wear and go, or you want a wig that you could be a bit more versatile in the style.

I like both, so I wear both. But it's up to you. What's your preference? You tell me. Subscribe to our channel if you've not already done so. This is the only channel dedicated to wigs. We tell you all the tips and tricks in wearing your wigs. We will always show you all of the new styles that is coming up. Subscribe to be part of this family.

The other reason why I like this 2x6 closure is because it lays very flat. So it's less stress. You don't have to kind of tweak it a lot for you to get it to lay flat. It just naturally lay flat. But this is due to the fact that the width is only 2 inches wide.


I hope that you all enjoyed this sharing topic and found it helpful, and I'll share a new topic in my next one. Bye.


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