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Do You Know How to Identify Bone Straight Hair?

        Recently have you found the bone straight hair becomes popular gradually? Do you often hear about bone straight hair? I believe every queen selects own hair extensions maybe have some questions about bone straight hair if they want to buy it, but they have to be led by hair vendor, this blog will tell you what is bone straight hair and some tips to identify the difference between bone straight hair and other straight hair extensions.

       First of all, bone straight hair is same with other natural straight hair, like single drawn and double drawn hair, they are all 100% human virgin hair. While bone straight hair is silky and smooth hair and will not looks full in most of time. It feels very flat and requires no styling, you shouldn’t bleach, curl and coloring bone straight hair, because the hair surface is easy to be damaged, so that’s why it called bone straight and not suitable to do kinds of curls and waves. The bone straight hair is totally flat and smooth from extensions top to the end.


       On the contrary, other natural straight hair is not so flat and smooth when you take them to compare. The natural straight hair is not such flat from hair top to the hair end, and the hair ends would be thinner than top. What’s more, there are double drown and super double drawn hair, both of them would be fuller than other straight hair, hair end is less than half the thickness of the top, almost less short hairs, that’s double drawn, obviously, the super double drawn hair is fullest hair extensions, the thickness is almost same from top to the hair ends.

      Generally speaking, the straight hair is easy to wash and caring than other textures, smooth and free tangle, no more styles, it’s very easy and save time, I think it’s gospel of lazy girls. Have you get to know how to identify bone straight and other straight hair? If not, welcome to contact us, Rosspretty hair can show you!

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