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Do You Know How to Clean High-End Human Hair Wigs?

        Wigs has become more and more popular gradually nowadays, it has become a daily necessity for women to show own unique beauty. And wigs, like our own original hair, also need careful cleaning and care. Then do you know how to clean high-end wigs? Are there any precautions? In fact, it is not as random as washing our original hair. If the cleaning method is wrong, it will damage the styling and hair strands of the wig, so that affect the using life of the wig. Here I’ll introduce you some tips of cleaning, follow the below 8 steps, then you can wash your wig at home.

  1. Before cleaning the wig, put the wig on the mannequin or holder, and gently comb the wig with wooden comb (anti-static) with wide hair teeth. Try to avoid using plastic combs or steel combs, which will generate too much static electricity, which will cause the hair to get tangle and sheds.
  1. Then put the wig in warm water (about 68℉is better, not more than 77℉) soak for 5-10 minutes. The time don'tbe too long, avoid prolonged soaking, and avoid using high temperature hot water for cleaning. Because excessive water temperature will easily damage the original textures and style of the hair, cause the hair to shed and reduce the life of the wig. After all, the hair material of high-end wigs is real human hair, not those synthetic or animal hair.
  1. Then add appropriate amount of shampoo in the water, that will be better if there is special washing liquid for high-end wigs, and then wash it by pressing.Here please notice that need wash by hand, never use any washing machine, and don’t scrub the wig hard.
  1. After cleaning by pressing, change the water and rinse it with clean water, then add some conditioner to the water, soak the wig for about 10 minutes, and then rinse it off with water.
  1. Thennext use soft and dry towel to gently press the wig to dry. Please note it that never twist the wig by hand or use washing machine to dry it in case the hair get very tangled and sheds.
  1. Then place the cleanedwig on the mannequin or holder in a ventilated place indoors to allow the wig to dry naturally and to avoid sun exposure, when the wig is 90% dry, gently comb the wig with wooden comb.
  1. For your cleanedwigs, you should spray a little bit spray oil, but don’t spray too much, or use a non-oily maintenance solution for high-end wigs to better maintain the wig, and wait until the wig is completely dried.
    1. If you don’t need to wear the wigoften, you can cover the cleaned wig with hair net, and put it into a seal-able plastic bag with good air permeability (the bag has small round hole). If there is no such bag, you can also put it in an ordinary plastic bag and use needle to pierce the bag through a few holes, the purpose of this is to let the hair breathe. Or directly put the dyed wig on the wig holder, keep the original shape, and cover with plastic bag to avoid dust and bacteria and place it in a dry place and do not fold it.

           After you read this article, have you learned it? The cleaning work is not difficult, right? Let's keep this blog and follow the tips to try to clean your wigs one time!

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